Anne's History
Season 1, Episode 4
Anne's History
Air date January 28, 1979
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Anne's History is the fourth episode of Akage no Anne. It was aired on January 28, 1979.


Anne Shirley and Marilla Cuthbert drive the carriage along the coast. Marilla asks Anne to tell her her life, but Anne doesn't like. On the way, they meet a woman with whom Marilla entertains Anne. Meanwhile, Anne jumps out of the carriage out of sheer fury and sits down on a fence. After some time she comes back to the carriage and they continue. Anne decides to tell Marilla her life. She was born in Bolingbroke, Nova Scotia as the daughter of the teachers Walter and Bertha Shirley. Her parents died when she was three months old, and the neighbor Mrs. Thomas took her out of pity as there were no relatives left. Anne had to take care of the four smaller children, while Mrs Thomas worked as a household aid, as her husband was a drunk. One day Mr. Thomas stumbled and was hit by a train and died. Anne came to Mrs. Hammond, who had got four times twins. This one lived in a forest in which all the trees around the house were precipitated. After a cold winter, her husband died of pneumonia and Mrs Hammond dissolved her household. Anne came, since she wanted no one to go to the orphanage in Hopetown. After a few months she was then brought by Mrs. Spencer to come to Marilla and Matthew Cuthbert, who actually wanted a boy.