Marilla Makes up Her Mind
Season 1, Episode 5
Marilla Makes up Her Mind
Air date February 4, 1979
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Marilla Makes up Her Mind is the fifth episode of Akage no Anne. It was aired on February 4, 1979.


Anne Shirley and Marilla Cuthbert arrive at Mrs. Spencer's and Marilla explains to her the confusion. Mrs Spencer says that Mrs. Blewett needs help. At this very moment, Mrs Blewett comes and they go into the house to discuss everything there. Mrs Blewett wants to take Anne with her, but Marilla chooses to take her back. Matthew Cuthbert is waiting for the carriage at the gate all the time, and when he sees it, he goes away quickly. Anne goes up to her room and Marilla tells Matthew that she has decided to keep Anne, on condition that she takes care of education alone. Marilla decides to tell her tomorrow and then calls Anne for dinner. Then she should say her night prayer before she goes to bed. Anne tells her that she has never prayed, of which Marilla is appalled. That's why Anne says an invented prayer from her and then goes to bed.